Java Utilities (JU) is a collection of various java applications.

Following are currently launched items :


SetupMaker : Now you can make platform independent setups. Looks just like native setups, and with added functions it will be more than just a setup.



Custom Swing JComponents : Currently you can get a custom tree-JUTree, a tabpane with round buttons-JUIndex, a round button-RoundButton, list with items hyperlinked-JULinkedList.

And many more to come. You can see a preview of them in the screenshots section.

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ClassLoader : Load classes and applets. It has it's own output window. Fast and reliable. Helpful for both console and GUI applications.



Applet Viewer : Applet viewer comes with ClassLoader but can be separately used. Very helpful in getting parameters, since it shows a window (above right) to enter parameters as soon as it is needed and is not in the list. Implements all applet functions.



Help Maker : The only thing you need to do to use it is to make your help files in html format and save them in a folder..



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