About - ClassLoader

Summary :

Load classes and applets. It has it's own output window. Fast and reliable. Helpful for both console and GUI applications.






Features :

1. Open classes with main method (Any method can be called, this feature will be finalized)

2. If application is an applet open it using AppletLoader.

3. System.in, System.out & System.err handled in the same window. Cursor appears when System.in is invoked

4. Comes up by itself only when any stream is invoked. It can be hid anytime.

5. Hidden menubar. Comes down when mouse is near it.

6. Dynamically changing LF


Special Instruction for those using Windows (Xp) :

You can associate .class files with java. An icon has been provided.

The command would be :

<jdkbin>\javaw.exe -cp <installation path> javautilities.classloader.classloader "%1"

If you want to be notified to enter arguments enter :

<jdkbin>\javaw.exe -cp <installation path> javautilities.classloader.classloader "%1" anythinghere